Boeing 737 NG FMC User’s Guide


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280 Page version member of the Cockpit Companion family, focussing especially on the FMC in the 737 NG

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In stock (can be backordered)


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What’s in the book?

The Boeing 737NG FMC User’s Guide is a must-have for those pilots that need to know that little extra. This edition is specifically written for the -600/700/800/900/BBJ and possible some Classic versions of the 737 (running U10 software). Written by a life long 737 veteran, the cockpit companion series goes into far more detail than any FCOM normally available to the crew, with the bonus of being in an easy to read format. This guide describes in detail all functions of the GE Flight Management Computer. The manual includes descriptions of the IRUs, covers difficult concepts such as Cost Index, Cruise Performance, and VNAV descent. Extensive use of drawings and CDU displays. The guide includes over 280 pages of details, plus a Pocket Guide. This is the perfect gift for a partner, spouse, family or friend who currently flies Next Generation 737, and is interested in expanding their knowledge.

Is this the right book for me?

I do offer a large selection of the 737 books so if you unsure or need some guidance here are some suggestions based on your circumstance

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These books are available as individual listings. If you are completely unsure or at a loss then please feel free to contact me or ask a question.

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